Instructions to Install and Use the Linux Bash Shell on Windows 10


Windows 10’s Anniversary update gives a huge new feature for developers: A complete, Ubuntu-based Bash shell which could run Linux software program without delay on windows. that is made viable via the new “windows Subsystem for Linux” Microsoft is including to windows 10.

What You Need to Know About Windows 10’s Bash Shell

This isn’t a digital system, a box, or Linux software compiled for windows (like Cygwin). rather, home windows 10 profits a windows Subsystem for Linux, that’s primarily based on Microsoft’s abandoned task Astoria paintings for going for walks Android apps on windows.

Consider it as the opposite of Wine. whilst Wine permits you to run windows programs immediately on Linux, the home windows Subsystem for Linux lets in you to run Linux packages directly on windows.

Microsoft has labored with Canonical to provide a full Ubuntu-based Bash shell that runs atop this subsystem. Technically, this isn’t Linux at all. Linux is the underlying working machine kernel, and that isn’t available here. as a substitute, this allows you to run the Bash shell and the precise equal binaries you’d normally run on Ubuntu Linux. free-software purists frequently argue the common Linux operating system  should be known as “GNU/Linux” as it’s genuinely a number of GNU software program going for walks at the Linux kernel. The Bash shell you’ll get is certainly simply all the ones GNU utilities and other software.

There are a few boundaries here. This receiver’s work with server software program, and it receiver’s paintings with graphical software. It’s meant for developers who want to run Linux command-line utilities on windows. those applications get get admission to the home windows document gadget, but you mayn’t use Bash instructions to automate regular windows applications, or launch Bash instructions from the standard windows command-line. They get admission to the identical windows report machine, however that’s it. not each command-line utility will work, both, as this feature continues to be in beta.

How to Install Bash on Windows 10

To get began, make sure you’ve install the home windows 10 Anniversary update. This most effective works on sixty-four-bit builds of windows 10, so it’s time to switch to the sixty-four-bit version of windows 10 if you’re nonetheless using the 32-bit version.

Once you’re positive you’re the use of the proper version of home windows 10, open the Settings app and head to update & protection > For developers. prompt the “Developer Mode” switch right here to permit Developer Mode.


Subsequent, open the control Panel, click “programs,” and click on “flip windows functions On or Off” underneath applications and functions. permit the “windows Subsystem for Linux (Beta)” option within the listing right here and click “ok.”

When you do, you’ll be induced to reboot your laptop. click “Restart Now” to reboot your laptop and windows 10 will installation the brand new characteristic.


After your laptop restarts, click the start button (or press the home windows key), kind “bash”, and press “input.”


The first time you run the bash.exe record, you’ll be induced to simply accept the phrases of service. The command will then down load the Bash on Ubuntu on home windows software from the home windows save. You’ll be asked to create a person account and password for use in the Bash surroundings.


In case you’d want to automate the setup of Bash as a substitute, you could run the subsequent command in a Command spark off window. this could robotically agree to all prompts and set the default user to “root” without a password:

lxrun /install /y


The way to Use Ubuntu’s Bash Shell and deploy Linux software program: ~

You’ll now have a full command-line bash shell primarily based on Ubuntu. due to the fact they’re the identical binaries, you could use Ubuntu’s apt-get command to put in software from Ubuntu’s repositories. You’ll have get entry to all the Linux command line software out there, even though not every utility may match perfectly–especially in the initial beta releases.

To open the Bash shell, just open your start menu and look for “bash” or “Ubuntu.” You’ll see a “Bash on Ubuntu on windows” software. you could pin this application shortcut in yours begin menu, taskbar, or desktop for simpler get right of entry to.


in case you’re skilled the usage of a Bash shell on Linux, Mac OS X, or other structures, you’ll be right at home. You don’t have to be compelled to use sudo, as you’re given root shell. The “root” user on UNIX platforms has full machine get right of entry to, like the “Administrator” person on windows. Your windows file machine is placed at /mnt/c inside the Bash shell environment.

Use the equal Linux terminal commands you’d use to get around. in case you’re used to the standard windows Command spark off with its DOS commands, here are a few basic commands on each Bash and windows:

  • “modify directory = cd in Bash, cd & chdir in DOS”
  • “Create a directory= mkdir in Bash, mkdir in DOS”
  • “move or Rename a file= mv in Bash, flow and rename in DOS”
  • “reproduction a file= cp in Bash, replica in DOS”
  • “Delete a document= rm in Bash, del & erase in DOS”
  • “list Contents of directory= ls in Bash, dir in DOS”
  • “Use a textual content Editor= vi or nano in Bash, edit in DOS”

It’s critical to take into account that, unlike home windows, the Bash shell and its Linux-imitating environment are case-sensitive. In different words, “file.txt” with a capital letter isn’t the same as “document.txt” without a capital.

For more commands, consult our amateur’s manual to the Linux command-line and other comparable introductions to the Bash shell, Ubuntu command line, and Linux terminal on-line.


You’ll need to use the apt-get command to put in and update the Ubuntu environment’s software program. make sure to prefix those instructions with “sudo”, which makes them run as root–the Linux equal of Administrator. here are the apt-get commands you’ll need to realize:

  • Down load up to date records approximately available applications: sudo apt-get update
  • Installation an application package: sudo apt-get set up packagename (update “packagename” with the package’s call.)
  • Uninstall a utility package deal: sudo apt-get do away with packagename (replace “packagename” with the package’s call.)
  • Look for available packages: sudo apt-cache search word (update “phrase” with a word you want to search package deal names and descriptions for.)
  • Down load and installation the state-of-the-art variations of Your mounted applications: sudo apt-get improve

After you’ve downloaded and installed a utility, you can type its call on the prompt and press enter to run it. check that specific utility’s documentation for greater details.


Bear in mind, software program you install in the Bash shell is confined to the Bash shell. you couldn’t get admission to it from the Command spark off, PowerShell, or someplace else in home windows. software inside the Bash shell can also interact immediately with or release home windows packages, despite the fact that the Bash surroundings and home windows have get right of entry to to the identical documents in your computer.

But, you can create Bash shell scripts (.sh scripts) and run them with the Bash shell.

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