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Why does Google show Salman Khan as the worst actor?

The trending thing nowadays is : Google is showing Salman Khan as the worst actor.

Try to search on Google using the keywords “Bollywood Worst Actor” or “Worst Actor of Bollywood”. Surprisingly, Google list outs articles about Salman Khan being the worst actor nowadays.

Twitter is flooded with this Google Search news. Some famous websites like “” also published an article on this.

As a technical person and/or as a Salman Khan fan, you might have few questions in mind from listed below :

  • How did Google show “Salman Khan” as the worst actor?
  • Did Google Algorithm do any mistake?
  • Is Salman Khan really the worst actor?
  • Is that an effect of recently released movie “RACE-3” ?

   And, many more.

To have a clarification, or to understand, let’s study it properly.

How did Google Show “Salman Khan” as the worst actor?

Well, Google algorithm(s) does(do) not have any prepared list of anything. No – Google search result may vary from day to day or even from minute to minute. You may not get the same result after a month or a week or even on the next day while using the same keywords.

Whenever you search something on Google using some keywords, the searching algorithm may use many factors like

  • your recent searches-also saved in Google account if you are logged in,
  • browser databases,
  • current trends on the Internet,
  • relevance of your keywords, and many more.

As far as Google Search Engine uses the techniques for searching, we can not deny that Google gives the best results out from the Internet based on keywords you have given to it.

Effect of the recently released movie “RACE 3” for the title – worst actor?

Since the release of  RACE  3, people who have watched it, are just showing off the hate about the movie. They liked nothing about this ambitious movie directed by Remo D’Souza, you can take anything from the movie: the story, the screenplay, dialogues, songs, actions, acting or anything.  

This might have affected the reputation of Salman Khan as an actor as the audience went with high expectations after RACE and RACE 2. Many bloggers, reviewers or normal audience might have written online articles which are probably negative for Salman Khan.

Bloggers might have used some keywords like “worst movie” – “worst direction” – “flop bollywood Movie” – “Worst acting” etc. and these factors might have affected to the search engine results on Google while searching using “Worst Bollywood Actor”.

Note that there is a question on a Question-Answer site “Who are the worst Bollywood actors and actresses?(asked in 2016), as a reply to which few people are having “Salman Khan” in the list they have made their own. So such articles on the Internet also might be the reason for the bed news for Salman Khan and his fans.

Other factor(s)?

As we know, Salman Khan is/was in many controversies whether you say it is “Hit and Run” case or “Black buck case” or “Vivek-Salman Khan” or “Arijit-Salman” etc. Google algorithm might have taken these controversies under consideration, however it is with less probability as these are not related to his acting skills. But yes, these might have worked as extra factor(s) for such search results by any search engine.

Indeed, we can note that many such National or International personalities have gone through such situations in which some search engines has put them on the worst situation. However, search engines should not be blamed for the same because search engine follows many factors, not only keywords, as we discussed earlier.

Salman khan Worst Actor


We do not judge whether Salman Khan is the worst actor or not.  As a techie, we can understand the factors why Google might have shown him as the worst actor.

Note: Google search engine does not do any partiality. If you search using keywords “most popular bollywood actor”, search engine shows Salman khan  in top 10 😉 🙂 😀  Cheers!

So that’s it from us. Thanks for reading. If you liked it, just share it. Suggestions are welcome in comments – no one is perfect 🙂

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