Move Libra Facebook

Move – Facebook divulges another programming language

Facebook and Move There was a need for the organization (Facebook) need present another programming language – they call it Move. Move is here

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note 9 blast lootwarriors

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Catches Fire – Not again please!

Samsung’s  fiery troubles are not with standing all it’s efforts. According to a source, a lady has filed a lawsuit towards the agency. The

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salman khan-lootwarriors

Why does Google show Salman Khan as the worst actor?

The trending thing nowadays is : Google is showing Salman Khan as the worst actor. Try to search on Google using the keywords “Bollywood

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What is Typeframe Malware virus and how to remove it?

Typeframe Malware:~ Typeframe Malware is a vindictive PC disease. It is accounted for as a dangerous Trojan pony infection. It is a sort of

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Radio waves and AI

Radio waves with AI says “See individuals through walls”

AI with Radio waves says It is all about artificial intelligence and radio waves. Besides artificial intelligence, you also need radio waves. Radio signs combined

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subtitle hacked

Subtitle files Can Hack Your computer! Pay attention!

Lootwarriors researchers discovered a new attack vector which threatens thousands and thousands of customers global – assault through subtitles. This attack may be via

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Google Allo Functionalities

Say Hello on Google Allo! Google’s new challenge to all messaging apps!

News: Google has come with Google Allo !!! Since a long time, Google search engine has been giving you suggestions on searching and of

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HP dispatches portable PCs with security guarding displays, constrained field of perspective

HP has declared any other association of EliteBook transportable pcs with a customizable safety display screen. the new innovation, named sure View, might be

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Millions of Androids Could Be Easy Prey for QuadRooter Exploits

4 newly diagnosed vulnerabilities may want to have an effect on 900 million Android devices, take a look at factor researchers informed attendees at

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Qualcomm declares first class Snapdragon 821 mobile processor

Qualcomm has absorbed an increasing number of of the mobile hardware market through the years with its Snapdragon systems-on-a-chip (SoC), having vanquished competition like

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