Artificial Intelligence and Smartphones

Is Artificial Intelligence changing the world of Smartphones?

Smartphones are very important for human beings nowadays. Smartphones are more than ordinary phones that are available in the market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the area that makes machines think up to some extent. Indeed, AI is not new but it is in trending mode nowadays.

People need more and more from technologies.

Furthermore, people can not live with ease without technologies.

Smartphones are having features like

  • multitasking,
  • open platform for all apps,
  • various sensors, etc.


  • What if these smartphones go beyond just smart features?
  • What if smartphone companies use AI?
  • Will the AI change the world of smartphones the way it is?


Artificial Intelligence and Smartphones


Recently, many companies launched smartphones with AI powered features.

This has impacted the world of smartphones in an amazing way. Companies started using AI since 2017. However, they did not focus much on that. Companies have started to focus on it recently.

Few AI based features are key changer of the smartphone world:

  1. Battery saving
  2.  Automatic brightness leveling
  3. AI based user interface
  4.  Automatic replies based on your activities
  5.  Making user less addictive to their smartphones

Cameras in Smartphones and Artificial Intelligence

Almost all giant companies have included AI in their smartphone cameras. Smartphone cameras are even more powerful.

For example, Google did it with involvement of AI to its smartphone cameras. Google enabled smartphone cameras to match the image quality of digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. Isn’t it great?

As a result, you do not have to carry heavy and costly DSLRs with you. 

Furthermore, users can have DSLR like quality pictures like they might have clicked with heavy DSLRs.

Battery Saving and Artificial Intelligence

Additionally, it is very important to have enough battery level whole day. Generally, we want to do multiple tasks on our smartphones. Smartphones do many tasks in background, too. Furthermore, Battery life is very important for multiple tasks. 

Yes, AI is effective for battery saving. The question is: “How?”.

Well, some AI enabled smartphones can use adaptive brightness. Such smartphones can predict which applications you use. (You can click here to read an article on Android P to know more).

Artificial Intelligence may significantly help you to be less addictive to your smartphone

Time is precious and the world is moving on. It is important to use time wisely, too.

We may get addicted easily to smartphones. As a result, we waste our important time unknowingly.

AI makes us less addictive. AI does it with its continue observations on the way we use smartphones. Eventually, we become less addictive to smartphones.

“AI enables smartphones with limitless features. Indeed, we have discussed very few of them.”

 This is the conclusion from us. 

Stay tuned to get further updates  🙂


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