Why & How To Fix Overheating Issues in Android smartphone

Why & How To Fix Overheating Issues in Android smartphone






We’re turning out to be more subject to our cell phones now, it has turned into the most vital piece of our life. The principle purpose for this would be speed and proficiency. In any case, as cell phones these days have turned out to be such a great amount of imperative for us and we’ve such a great amount of subject to it that we can’t sufficiently offer time to cell phones to charge legitimately and can’t give it enough rest, accordingly issues like overheating happens it causes inside harms to the telephone, which can likewise prompts your wellbeing issues when you reach your cell phones.


As indicated by most pf individuals warming issues happens because of chipset, additionally relies on upon the utilization of the telephone. Individuals these days use telephones up to full degree, they are dependent towards gaming, utilizing Applications, utilizing web, and the most power eating part is web spilling. In this post we’re going to demonstrat to you a portion of the fundamental reasons which are in charge of the overheating of the telephone. numerous individuals surmise that overheating of telephone isn’t a major issue to be agonized over, yet folks you ought to know tat overheating i your cell phone can make your telephone blast it’s battery and here and there it can likewise blast itself.


Here we’re gonna discuss about the possible reasons which are responsible for overheating of your smartphone.

1. Using your phone while charging –
1. Now guys this is the biggest reason of overheating of smartphone, which people ignores and later they have to face the consequences.
2.  Avoid using your phone while charging as much as you can even if you have to attend any phone calls then first you should remove the plug pin. Nowadays people uses power bank and while charging they use their mobile phone even that is the bad practice.
2. Overusing of Mobile phone – 
1. There is a difference between using and overusing your phone, they both aren’t same.
2. Avoid using your phone when it is not in need, take it less out with you during summer and other thing is that you should switch – off your mobile phone when it is not in need for 20 – 25 minutes daily.
3. Maximum Brightness – 
1. Keeping maximum brightness in our phone is also a big reason of overheating. It drains up battery very fast so get used to keeping brightness low while using your phone. But I know at night it isn’ t possible to keep the brightness low so for that checkout.
4. Using too much Internet – 
1. I know using internet is a common practice for all of us and avoiding that is next to impossible, but guys internet is the main reason of draining battery. ow internet usage can save atleast 20- 30% of your  battery life per day.
5. Playing High-End games [ Main Reason ] –
1. Playing high-end game is the biggest reason for the overheating of the smartphone and admit that it is unavoidable because the smartphones are made for playing high-end game. I suggest to play only for 20 Minutes or only 1 mission at a so your smartphone won’t suffer.

Steps to overcome these problems –

1. Give your phone some rest of 20 minutes in hour of usage.
2. Switch off your packet data and WiFi connection when you aren’t using it. Ignore games when your phone is on charging.
3. Uninstall useless Apps and Game. This will surely work.
4. This one isn’t compulsory but changing your battery might solve the overheating upto an extent.



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