About Us

Hello, everyone! We are Piyush and Nikhil, founder of Lootwarriors.com. First of all, We would like to thank you for visiting our website. Hope you’ll like our content as well!


We are pursuing B.Tech (I.T.) from C. U. Shah University located at Wadhwan City (Gujarat, India).


Well, having passion about something is very important if you are doing it. We are very passionate about the Internet (or you can say web surfing) since we were in 10th standard when we got our first Email ID. Gradually, this passion took us to start a website.

About Lootwarriors.com

Lootwarriors is an informative site which covers categories such as Apps, Blogging, Earnings, Events, Games, How to, Online Shopping and Technology! If you have any suggestion, you can contact us through our Lootwarrios Facebook page or through our “contact us” page.

Stay updated and Stay tuned!